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A Round Applause For Class of 2024!!!

Nyomie Barcenas, Editor May 29, 2024

The Amazing Journey of the Class of 2024 As the Class of 2024 prepares to graduate, it's important to reflect on the incredible journey of this group of outstanding individuals. Throughout their high...

Follow what your heart desires!

Nyomie Barcenas, Editor May 29, 2024

As high school students prepare for their next phase every four years, they are faced with the important decision of choosing the right college or career path. Many students seek the guidance of counselors...

How to be AP Ready

Felicity Casillas, Editor May 29, 2024

With the 2023-2024 school year coming to an end and classes already being chosen, it's time to decide if you really do want to take that AP class. If you do then this is the article for you! After talking...

Graduation Cap Designs: How are Seniors Decorating their Caps?

Anthony Caldera, Staff May 29, 2024

Graduation caps have been a traditional part of graduation ceremonies for centuries, serving as a symbol of accomplishment and a reminder to the journey that has led to this moment. Graduation caps...

In-N-Out Food Trucks On Campus

Joel Gaytan Garcia, Staff May 29, 2024

For this year, In-N-Out Burger trucks were introduced on campus at La Sierra High school for students to get by getting good grades every semester for earning it. Q: How is In-N-Out popular? A: "It...

We Had Homework?

Nicolas Macias, Staff May 23, 2024

Homework has been a topic associated with schools for as long as schools have been around, but is it a necessary part of being a student? "The fact that some teachers can provide a lot of it, which...

Acceptance Club during Pride Week giving out information.

LGBTQ+ Obstacles

Emily Ahumada, Staff May 23, 2024

 When we see LGBTQIA here at school we see a community that accepts each other. They have a place where they can be themselves free from the pressures of the world. Some kids in our school talked...

Decorating Graduation Caps

Keira Isgar, Editor May 17, 2024

As we reach the end of the semester, seniors are being hit with lot of fun senior activities. The hard work of the last 4 years in academics and athletics is being shown by the caps and gowns at graduation....

Social Medias Impact on Students

Social Media’s Impact on Students

Yaquelyn Gomez, Editor May 17, 2024

Social Media moved itself into the life of high school students, impacting their social interactions and learning experiences. Platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and Tiktok have become a social impact...

The Persistence of Memory

Nyomie Barcenas, Editor May 15, 2024

In recent years, AR (Augmented Reality) has emerged as a cutting-edge technology that has the potential to transform the way we learn. AR involves overlaying digital objects onto the real world, creating...

New Field Who This?

Nicolas Macias, Staff May 15, 2024

What are the people of La Sierra High School's opinions on our very own football stadium after having to use Norte Vista's for almost 60 years? "My opinion on it is that I think it's a great way for...

Diversity and Representation in School

Valeria Aguayo, Staff May 15, 2024

Diversity brings together unique perspectives, experiences, and cultures. We'll delve into the importance of embracing diversity. We can see how La Sierra Students create welcoming spaces for all. Q. How...

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