Senior Awards Night: An Academic Event


Senior Jade De La Tejera is one of our award receiving winners who received their award from the English Department. She says, “I am very thankful and happy for receiving an award from the English Department from an amazing teacher.”

Kamal Sharma, Staff

On Monday, May 16th, many seniors received awards such as scholarships, academic achievement awards, perfect attendance, etc. Many students were unsure of how and why they got the award they received.

“I think I might have gotten the award from the English Department because I want to make sure people are okay and they don’t feel lonely or feel hated on, and sometimes put their needs on top of mine which I know sometimes isn’t the best, and I think that my teacher might have noticed that,” said senior Jade De La Tejera.

The seniors who got an award only knew that they were getting an award because of an invite that they received from the school. But many of the seniors never understood what they got an award for, so for most, it was unexpected. They didn’t know what they got the award for until the day it was announced at the awards night.

“I never really expected to receive that award, all I knew was that I was receiving an award. When I got the award, that’s when I found out that I got the Health Academy Citizenship Award,” said senior Michael Chagolla. 

A lot of the seniors had very different emotions when they got the awards. The students were really happy when they got their awards. The awards our students received made them happy at a different level than expected.

Every student feels differently when receiving an award that acknowledges them for their work in a club, organization, charity, sport, or school.

“I felt very honored to get that award because it felt like a compliment to me because I am an improved student,” said senior Mark Nicolas Mata.

Being nominated for an award can evoke visible feelings of excitement, and create a bond between the person who received an award, with the person that nominated them to receive one.

“It felt good because I was the only one that got the principal’s award, and it made me feel like I had a very close connection with Dr. Cabeza,” said senior Sol Chen.