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Girls Basketball Sports Banquet

Basketball Awards, Dinner, and More

This year’s Sports Banquet for Girls Basketball was held in the MPR at La Sierra High School, where families and players had a food feast celebration with decorated dinning tables, and where Coach Pirkana Johnson handed girls basketball players awards from this year in 2024.


Q: What improved and inspired you from this year’s girls basketball?

A: “What inspire me to join girls basketball was the fact used to play when I was a kid, and I tried to play basketball in middle school but I didn’t make it, so when I came to this school I thought ‘let me give a another shot into my senior year as well,’ and my friend Mar’kia – she is a part of the team too, she is one of the team captains – encouraged me so that inspired me. And what improved me was my coach because he really, really pushed us to work harder and he taught us a lot of techniques that are really useful when playing games. He improved me a lot,” said Yohanna Yonas (12)

A: “Something that inspires me from this year’s basketball season was my coach my teammates, they were loving and caring, and talked about something that I have with my other captains as well to help me,” said Mar’kia Picart-Washington (12)


Q: What kind of different skills are there in basketball?

A:  There are kind of different techniques to basketball find your first skills you really need to be quick work, you have to be a quick learner, and you have to react quickly on the court especially if you’re on defense you’ll have to be work on that,” said Yohanna Yonas (12)

A: “Some skills that are in basketball that taught me was just to be patient. We had a whole bunch of freshmen this year who never played basketball, as the captain it was kind of hard because I also when to give It that basketball, but you have to still learn with a work and tell them have more patience,” said Mar’kia Picart-Washington (12)


Q: How was the Sport Banquet in girls basketball at MPR?

A: “The Sport Banquet was really nice, we have a great time with got into each other and eat food, it was nice to see my whole team gathered together for the last time this year especially as a senior, and it was great to see my teammates who work really hard earn awards with successful so i really had a great time,” said Yohanna Yonas (12)

A: “The Sport Banquet was fun, we ate some food, we got awards, it was pretty nice also and we had a good time talking to my teammates,” said Mar’kia Picart-Washington (12)


Q: What is one thing that is most difficult in basketball?

A: “There’re a lot of difficult things, but one thing is to be able to endure because in basketball you’re running up and down on court constantly, and you have to keep on moving. You can’t stop, you have to move on court, and it’s a combination of being strong enough to push hard during the whole time on court and being fast enough on the court as well,” said Yohanna Yonas (12)

A: “Basketball season it was pretty good and I got injured during the league but it was pretty fun we also worked as a team, we tried our best,” said Mar’kia Picart-Washington (12)


Q: What awards do you earned?

A: I got the most valuable league player for the second time, and I also got the coaches award,” said Mar’kia Picart-Washington (12)

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