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Celebrating Our Teachers’ Impact

National Teacher Appreciation Week

As this school year ends, we want to say a big thank you to all our teachers. They do so much more than just teach us from books. They help us see the world in new ways and learn about ourselves.

Our teachers work really hard every day. They come in early, stay late and even work on weekends to make our classes fun and interesting. They care a lot about our learning and always encourage us to do our best.

They also make our school a friendly and safe place where everyone feels welcome. They teach us how to work together, respect each other, and care for one another. They cheer for us when we do well and help us when things are tough.

This year, we’ve seen how each teacher has a unique way of making subjects exciting. Whether it’s turning a history lesson into a time travel adventure or a math problem into a detective case, they know how to spark our curiosity.

Our teachers also support us in more ways than we sometimes realize. They stand by our sides during school competitions, guide us in our projects, and are always there to listen to our concerns, big or small.

Looking back at this year, we have grown a lot because of our teachers hard work and care. So, to all our teachers, thank you for everything. You have made a big difference in our lives, and we will always remember this year because of the support we had.

Here at La Sierra our students show much appreciation to our staff and teachers as we watch them working hard every day and putting up with the biggest to littlest that we put them through, somehow they manage to keep a smile on their face and a positive attitude even when we would give them one.

More ways La Sierra students show their appreciation would be by bringing them a small item or gift that shows appreciation. Here at La Sierra I asked one of our own history teachers, Mr. Vega, and he let me in on how his teacher appreciation week went. He told me a lot of his students are in grades 11 and up so most of the time a lot of those students in those grades aren’t really focused on this tradition, but he told me surprisingly that this year he felt love from his students from cards and even behavior and attention. Just over all he claims that his week was great.

As teacher appreciation week comes to a close, we reflect on the incredible dedication and tireless efforts of educators everywhere. Let’s continue to show our gratitude for these remarkable individuals not just this week, but throughout the year.

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Naiori Parker
Naiori Parker, Staff
Naiori Parker is a junior at La Sierra High School, and she is a staff member for The Sunrise yearbook. Outside of the yearbook Naiori likes to go outside, help with the garden or in a culinary class. In her free time, she likes shopping at the mall or going to the movies.

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