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Social Media’s Impact on Students

Social Media moved itself into the life of high school students, impacting their social interactions and learning experiences. Platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and Tiktok have become a social impact on students social lives. Students share experiences, present challenge and share creativity. It can be a place where they find inspiration and motivation from people they admire.

“I look up to Nicole Laeno because she shows the good in her life and the struggles while maintaining healthy routines and being positive. She’s also just someone I used to love watching in middle school and when I got to meet her at a dance clinic, I was reminded why I loved her content so much,” Audrina Aguilar (11) said.

Social media can be a change for high school students when it comes to global events and issues. Students can learn about real-time events, updates from all corners of the planet, learn about different viewpoints, and even participate in global conversations. It can inspire high school students to get involved, whether it’s helping out in their own community or starting online campaigns for causes they believe in.

“I strongly believe social media brings awareness to important topics due to the influence that people hold,” Lizbeth Cardona (12) said.

Audrina Aguilar (11) also said, “In some ways yes, but often people twist stories to make them seem more interesting so it’s difficult to understand what’s true and what’s not on social media.”

Social media can bring new hobbies to high school students, like drawing or painting, dancing, photography, and starting a trend. Social media exposes students to a wide range of hobbies they may have never considered before, its an amazing platform for discovering new interests and connecting with others who share the same passions.

Although social media may be entertaining, it also has its effects on high school students. On the positive side, it allows them to connect with friends, share their interests, and express themselves creatively. On the negative side, social media can lead students to having an unhealthy balance, unrealistic expectations, self-doubt, cyber bullying, and can make us feel like we’re not measuring up.

“It could be negative, it could make people feel bad about themselves, feel like they need to be on a diet, or change to fit into society. A lot of us are stuck on social media all the time and a lot of us don’t focus in class because of social media, some people feel like they have to look differently because they’ve seen a girl or a guy,” Cherish Hill (11) said.

Emily Medina (12) also said, ” social media can be kind of distracted because it’s addicting. Academically, it can be a bigger distraction because once you find something funny, you can’t stop scrolling and you’d send them to your friends which can also be distracting for them.”

In conclusion, social media’s impact on students is an argumentative topic. While it opens doors to new friendships, hobbies, and a variety of information, it can also lead to comparison, addiction, and cyber bullying. Students can enjoy the benefits while minimizing the negative effects.

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Yaquelyn Gomez, Editor
Yaquelyn Gomez is a junior at La Sierra High School and is the sports and events editor for The Sunrise Yearbook. Outside of yearbook, she is in ASB. In her free time, she loves music, reading, hanging out with friends and going out.

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