Choir: Thank You for the Music


Junior Anthony Dalilis performs, “Start a Fire” for the Musical Moments show.

Abbigail Ruzicka, Editor-in-Chief

After teaching for 39 years, Mrs. Maki led her concert choir in their last concert on Tuesday, May 17th. Mrs. Maki, who has previously taught English and Drama, led her choir for the April 22 Musical Moments Showcase, and led the acapella group that sang at graduation. The choir teacher will be well-missed by her students even though for many, this is their first year of choir. 

“I’ll miss Mrs. Maki after she retires, she taught me so many new things about music that I never knew before, and she helped me improve in the music field,” said freshman Aida Dominguez.

As a part of the final choir concert, several students will have done solos, including freshman Audrina Aguilar Laroqu, for Adele’s “Turning Tables.”

“The artist Adelle really resonates with me, and I’ve listened to her since I was little. I really look up to her,” said freshman Audrina Aguilar Laroqu.

Junior Anthony Dalilis will also be singing a solo for the show. Dalilis sang “Start a Fire,” from La La Land, a song he also performed for the Musical Moments Showcase.

“I felt really energetic about it, I felt pretty happy with myself that I did something like that. I feel satisfied with the way I expressed myself,” said junior Anthony Dalilis.

Dalilis also sang another La La Land song, “City of Stars”, with fellow choir singer, junior Roshelle Easton.

“I was nervous, but in the end, I had a lot of fun,” said junior Roshelle Easton.

The final concert showcased the singing talents of multiple soloists, demonstrated the voices of the group as a whole, and performed a series of musical theater songs, such as the popular, “Seasons of Love” from Rent. Choir also sang an acapella piece in Latin, a pop song, and a final farewell to their two seniors, Kaylee Siliezar and Abbigail Ruzicka, called “Like an Eagle.”