Summer Vacation: A Step Into the Real World


The sun is sets as the senior Class of 2022 bid farewell to the school. For their last “Goodbyes,” the students shared some of their summer vacation plans.

Kamal Sharma, Staff

Students are starting to plan out their vacation for this summer. Many of them have no idea what to do, while others have an entire plan for it. But for the seniors, it’s a different scenario because they are leaving behind their titles as a student on this campus.

“I’m excited to leave school because I am going to be starting a new chapter in my life. I am also a little sad that school is ending because I won’t be able to see my friends as much anymore I going to miss the teachers,” said senior Laken Navarrete.

Some of the seniors are planning things out for the vacation because this summer will not be an ordinary summer vacation. This time instead of just enjoying some of the students are taking a step into the real world. This means they are preparing for their futures, for example, they have to get ready for college or whatever their next academic goal is. But with that being said many of the students have academic plans and fun activities planned.

“For summer vacation, I plan on hanging out with family and friends. I will also be starting summer classes at RCC and maybe go on some road trips,” said senior Emily Escoto.

Many of the seniors have their own opinion on the breaks the school district establishes before classes start again. These breaks allow students because they get their own time and break to do whatever they want, whenever they want until school starts again in the fall. Some students take this opportunity to start anew and get ready for summer courses or take a break to spend time with their friends and family before attending college.

“Yes, I’m excited that I will be receiving a break from school because I like the break so I can get a fresh start before I start classes at college,” said senior Lynette Hernandez.