Clubs: A Place to Go


Seniors Thienly Nguyen and Kytzia Flores hold up LGBTQ+ pride flags at a Pride Rally, organized by the Acceptance club.

Jayson King, Staff

La Sierra High School has an abundance of clubs for students to take part in. They encourage students to gather together with people who have a passion and enjoy the same or similar activities or interests. It’s a way to socialize with others as well and try new things.

For example, the Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) club, centers around the game “Dungeons and Dragons” as well as many other tabletop and roleplaying games. Senior Richard Copple is the president and founder of the club that is in charge of planning meetings and the general schedule and events throughout the year. 

“We operate as a club every other week on Monday for our official meetings, however, that doesn’t stop us from getting together and enjoying the community that the D&D club has allowed us to build,” said senior Richard Copple. 

Some clubs are organized for students with similar interests or hobbies to gather, and some are directed towards personal or academic growth. Another organization is known as the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) also plays a role on campus in terms of providing students with help to map out their career paths and how to succeed. Some students have shared their experiences with the program. 

“I think AVID’s a good program to be in, it’s really nice, it helped me understand more about college, and what I want to do and how to get there. The benefits are definitely within senior year, there’s a lot of scholarships you learn about.” said Junior Diego Garcia. 

“We do tutorials two days in AVID, the other days we work on financial aid stuff, pathways to college, virtual tours. As a junior we’ve been doing our UC Personal Insight Questions, and sharing them with our classmates, and I think it’s a good program. It helps you to stay organized, and keep up with your work, and it taught us to be better thinkers, better workers, and better students,” said junior Yara Shalabi. 

La Sierra also has clubs dedicated to making people feel accepted, like the Acceptance club. Senior Adrian Ortega, a member of the club, describes how the Acceptance Club is “a club that accepts all people of the LGBTQ+ community. We like to promote that there is a safe environment in this school for people a part of the community.”

 “They provide a place for students to “chill” and “feel safe with who they are around others,” he adds.

Students are able to pool their interests and come together to form clubs and create communities of friends.