Powderpuff: A Little Friendly Competition


The last senior activity comes to an end as the seniors and juniors go against each other in a friendly competition of flag football, known as powderpuff, carrying on the memory of the powderpuff tradition.

Aracely Aguilar, Staff

The end-of-the-year senior and junior activity arrived as the final sports game, powderpuff, began. On Tuesday, May 10th, La Sierra High School seniors and juniors went head to head against each other in respect to rising COVID-19 cases and safety precautions.

“This tradition has been going on for many years since before I was even born”, senior Kassandra Arredondo said. 

The sport began its games in the 1940s, and throughout the years, the game became popular with more and more high schools involving the sport as a last senior year activity. Most rival schools would go against each other by involving both their seniors and juniors in a friendly competition. Many people loved this idea, as it brought in healthy school spirit and gave students something to do on a Friday night. However, powderpuff involves a heavy background in planning and getting people involved to play the actual sport, knowing the time and date the game will be on, and the people involved with the number of practices they were going to have. It was the senior’s last year to play, so there was a handful of seniors who had joined the team. 

“I feel like the fact that it’s only for seniors and juniors made it more appealing and probably the fact that girls can get down and dirty playing football as a last-year activity,” said senior Kaylee Siliezar.

As tradition hits, it’s appropriate to have a friendly competition against the rival school. La Sierra High School’s rival this year was Norte Vista High School, bringing a lot of attention to both schools. Though with fluctuating COVID-19 cases the entire year, there have been some issues concerning the risks of students participating in powderpuff. Having physical contact with other schools can lead to trouble considering that COVID-19 is still around. The best possible solution that the school decided on was to have the seniors go against the juniors instead.

“It is different because without playing against Novi it’s like, there is no competition between schools and defines the purpose of powder puff,” senior Kassandra Arredondo said.