Graduation: In the Blink of an Eye


After the graduated Class of 2022 turn their tassels from right to left, they are filled with emotions as they are rained on with colored confetti of red and blue.

Alondra Martinez, Editor

Senior Class of ‘22 experienced walking the stage on Wednesday, May 25th, at Norte Vista High School. Graduation was a big deal to many students, but sharing their thoughts the week before are a few seniors such as Carmen Gonzalez, Melody Davis, Humberto Jara, Steven Riveira, and Omar Martinez, who shared thoughts before the commencement.

“I feel pretty excited but also a little bit nervous,” said senior Carmen Gonzalez. 

 Four years may seem like a long time, but it goes by in the blink of an eye when entering high school. And for the graduates, their time came up very quickly.                        

“Time went really fast,” said senior Melody Davis.

After graduation, each student either has a plan, is in the process of devising one, or maybe allows time to help make their next decision. Whether that be to college, joining the military, or staying home to give oneself a break. 

“After graduation, I’m going to college to play in Arizona,” said senior Humberto Jara. 

Graduation is an essential step in life for many, but to each, it means different things. As students get their diplomas, life gives the possibility for change, and it’s exciting for many friends, family, and significant others to watch their loved ones experience a moment like this in their life.

“Well, it actually is a big deal ‘cause I want to make my mom proud, my brothers, because they all graduated and I want to be like the third one to graduate in my family,” said senior Omar Martinez.

With the stands filled for graduation, there is a certain amount of tickets that each guest receives to enter this event. This left seniors having to debate on who in their family they were going to bring. 

“Probably my main family and just whoever was there for me the most,” said senior Steven Riveira.

Celebrating by having social gatherings with close friends and family is one way to acknowledge achievements in life. And whether they are big or small celebrations, everyone celebrates differently. Many students had celebrations after graduation to look back and remember twelve long years of school. 

“Yeah, well, I was actually planning on throwing one if my mom lets me, but if not, I will be going to grad parties ‘cause well, I want to have fun like before I go back to school I guess,” said senior Omar Martinez.