Freshman Orientation: A New Beginning


Incoming freshman students tour La Sierra while Mr. Schwandt, one of the assistant principals, plays music and directs students on where to go.

Abbigail Ruzicka, Editor-in-Chief

For many incoming freshmen, orientation symbolizes the change from being a middle schooler to becoming a high schooler. It can be daunting, for many, going from being the “top dog” on campus, to being the youngest in the school all over again. However, freshman orientation can also be a way to connect to the many clubs and sports that La Sierra High School offers on campus, as well as to the students, teachers, and staff that the incoming freshman will be within the upcoming year.

“[The goal is] To bring the incoming eagles together to hear all about our amazing programs– from athletics to culinary arts, to business academy, to activities, [and] to help them bond with other freshmen as well as get to know some mentors from the upper classes, to give them a sense of purpose and belonging in order to set them up for success at La Sierra,” said ASB teacher, Mrs. Ayala, who helped organize the event.

Many different clubs and sports will also be at orientation, in an effort to recruit incoming first-year students for the new school year. One of the groups performing is the cheer team, led by their new coach, Inez Cossio. Coach Cossio, who already hosted tryouts for the ‘22-’23 school year, is having a separate freshman tryout and is hoping her team’s performance will lead some to consider trying out for the team. 

“I chose to hold Freshman Tryouts after orientation because I felt that it is important to show that cheer is a sport and not just a cheering team. I think it’s essential to perform for our younger audience [at orientation] so that we can set an example of the energy we bring and the teamwork we build. All this is done in hopes that it creates interest and will have newcomers asking, ‘What does it take to be a cheerleader?’,” said Coach Cossio.

While the event signifies new beginnings for some, it was a bittersweet moment for seniors, who gave their final performance at freshman orientation representing the various clubs and sports La Sierra has to offer. One of the performers was senior Katherine Fuentes, who is on the dance team.

“To me, it wasn’t just a performance, it wasn’t just choreography I had to memorize, it was really fun and a roller coaster of emotions,” said senior Katherine Fuentes.

As La Sierra prepares for a new school year, the staff and students the class of 2026 to their new campus for the next 4 years, and help them to connect with the school.

“We contacted sports and clubs for booths, did an athletic roadshow to visit middle schools, and contacted eighth-graders to send out flyers, all to prepare for freshman orientation,” said junior ASB member Jamie Hagad.