Softball Senior Night: A Bittersweet Ending


Seniors Andrea Gonzalez and Mariah Perez pose for a photo on the field for their softball senior night.

Alondra Martinez, Editor

Softball is a sport that relies on hard work and team effort among the players. The playing time for the La Sierra softball team is coming to an end for seniors that are leaving and starting a new chapter in their life, which is why La Sierra High School coordinated a senior night to congratulate them and celebrate their dedication to playing softball for all the years they have been here.

The end of the school year means the end of high school sports for many seniors, including softball players Mariah Perez and Andrea Gonzalez. For them, the end of this chapter in their lives stirs both excitement for graduation and evokes a feeling of sadness as they part ways with their softball family.

“I think it’s going to be bittersweet. I’m really going to miss the team and their energy,” said senior Andrea Gonzalez.

Their senior night serves as a big deal to many people like their parents and family, becoming an exciting moment for these players.

“I’m excited that it’s over, but I’m also kinda nervous about that because I’ve been playing softball for almost eight years now, so it’s a little weird that it’s my last time,” said senior Mariah Perez.

Being a senior on a softball team also means that they serve as role models for the underclassmen and the girls that will become seniors next year will be stepping up to take their place. And with that, they share some advice to the incoming freshmen planning to join this sport next year.

“Just have fun, and just play,” Perez adds.

Many students have their own reasons for joining a sport. Some join because they’ve liked the game since they were younger and have taken an interest in it, or they want to do it for fun. It can also be because some students follow their older siblings who play, as well as take the opportunity to try something new. Senior Andrea Gonzalez shares their biggest inspiration to play the sport.

“Who inspired me the most would probably be all of the college players that I would spend time watching,” Gonzalez said.

As softball comes to an end, the current seniors share one more message to all of their teammates and underclassmen that will take their place and continue being on the team next year. 

“I would say to put in the work and effort, and to be a leader,” said senior Andrea Gonzalez.