Commitment Day: Work Hard, Succeed More


La Sierra High School seniors go up on stage as they are congratulated by the assistant principals, Mr. Schwandt and Mr. Holmes. Mr. Schwandt takes the papers the students filled out indicating what school they are going to attend. The counselors and staff show that they are proud of students’ hard work and accomplishments throughout their high school career by providing their support and handing out plastic leis in red, white, and blue.

Christian Hernandez, Staff

As the deadline to officially commit to a college comes to a close, the seniors approach a time to pick a college to attend for the next two or four years or choose a different pathway for them to follow. Most colleges have a deadline of May 1, 2022. The end of the deadline determined the college that students have applied for, which in some cases some of the students are going to have more than one option of schools that they would like to attend. Some of the students are going to pick the best choice for themselves to further their education and continue what they like doing.

“My top three were Cal State Long Beach, UC Berkeley, or San Jose State. I’m planning to commit to Cal State Long Beach because out of all the schools, they have the best Industrial Design program and there’s a beach. I want to enjoy the beach, and it seems like a nice school,” said senior Judy Estrada.

Some of the schools that the students have committed to are top schools located in California. The Riverside City College (RCC) is also known as one of the best community colleges which many students from La Sierra High School have already committed to. Going to either one gives an opportunity for a good education even if you go straight to a UC/Cal State or community college. Some colleges offer great scholarships that students can apply for or receive for excelling academically. 

“UCI is the school I’m committing to. I really liked the campus and they also offered me their regent scholarship so that was one of the factors as to why, but I also got to meet some of the professors there and some of the students. It seemed like a good environment to be in,” said senior Shannie Luu. 

Going to a school that is known for certain majors can make a student’s major easier to pick because they are going to take classes they have passion about and also make sure they are taking the classes they want to pick. There are going to be specific majors that the students will have passion for. Making their choice of school and major is beneficial to themselves and their goals towards success. Picking a major can be difficult, but it can also be enjoyable because some students choose a major that gives them options to explore topics and ideas that they might be interested in. Senior Jade De La Tejera says she plans to major in nursing at Grand Canyon University because they have a good nursing program with a wonderful campus. 

In other cases, there are students that go to school with an athletic scholarship. Getting an athletic scholarship can assist students financially and save them a lot of money on expenses such as room and board, tuition, and other fees. A few student-athletes have had the opportunity to be part of an athletic program as another form of receiving a scholarship. For example, senior Humberto Jara has decided to commit to a school out of state in Arizona.

“I committed to Ottawa University Arizona in February. I chose that school because I got a scholarship to that school and their football program was the top of the nation,” said senior Humberto Jara. 

Through hard work and dedication, students were able to commit to colleges or direct themselves towards a path that was right for them.