Boys Tennis: Memories Around the Racket


Julian Jay Reyes

The senior boys’ rackets circle around team captain, Harrison Ly’s visor as a symbol of togetherness.

Julian Jay Reyes, Staff

This year, the boy’s tennis team was coached by Cynthia Myers and Monica Horowitz. They had seven seniors playing their last season on the court and have made many memories together with their team this year from hanging out outside of school as well as during their matches and practices.

“My favorite memories with the seniors and everyone else is just bonding with each other after school and during school too, and I really like these moments where we just hang out, have fun, and enjoy our lives in high school,” said senior team captain Harrison Ly.

Aside from the seniors sharing their favorite memories, first-year tennis player, freshman Josiah Kang, says his favorite memories are not just with the seniors on the boy’s team, but also with the girl’s tennis team. 

“So far, I think the last game of girl’s season definitely, after that just celebrating with everyone and just being a team together and having fun with one another and like, after games, all that, it’s just fun to hang out and relax,” said freshman Josiah Kang. 

When the girl’s tennis team was in season, the boys would help out their team and  when the boys were in season, the girls would help them as well. Both teams would help by preparing the water jugs, setting up the scorecards, and even helping out at away games. One member of the girl’s tennis team that has helped at several tennis games is three-year tennis player Katherine Alvarez. Alvarez similarly discusses that her favorite memory was not just with the seniors, but the whole team together.

“My favorite memories with the team probably have to be going out to eat, hanging out at the park, and staying after practice. But my favorite one has to be when we did a booth at the festival and we had a little ice and water fight after the festival ended,” said junior Katherine Alvarez.

As the year comes to an end, before the seniors leave, the players that will take the place of the seniors share a message to the seniors leaving.

“One thing that I would say is that good luck on your future dreams and careers. This year was pretty fun with you guys and playing all the matches, practice and the shenanigans we did, so one thing I can say is good luck on your careers in the future,” said junior Joseph Dizon.

This year, the tennis team has acquired new people with the intention of joining the team, as well as some returning players from last season. Russel Villanueva is a senior that joined tennis this year sharing how he has learned many things from the sport.

“Some advice I can give you is that I know some games are going to be tough, but that’s just part of the game. You’ll win some and you’ll lose some,” said senior Russell Villanueva.

Another person from the girl’s tennis team that has helped at practice and events is the girl’s tennis team captain, senior Judy Estrada. Estrada sends a message to the seniors that have been playing for multiple years as well as the seniors that just joined this year. 

“I am grateful and happy that you guys joined and decided to continue playing. You guys made our team a lot more interesting and helped us improve as well. You guys all play so differently that I learned many new ways to play which could benefit me with other players. Thank you for staying and being such great teammates,” said senior Judy Estrada.