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How do Students Manage to Balance Work and School?

How do students manage to balance work and school?

Is balancing school really hard? Is it easy, difficult, is there always gonna be a problem? Some point What is the answer to all these? So today, I’m asking students who are working and doing school and how they manage balancing school and work.

How do you manage balancing working and doing school?

Monica Perez: My job? I work at the mall, and the hours are really easy, and I get off really early, so that leaves me time to do homework in bed. I work four days a week, and I have three days to manage my grades.

What motivates you to get a job this year?

Monica Perez: I really wanted to help support my family stuff and also buy things for me so my mom doesn’t have to worry about buying me things. It felt like it would show me responsibility and learn how to work in a fast environment like in the real world after I graduate.

How do you communicate with your employer about your school schedule 

Monica Perez: We just use the app, like we check scheduling, and my manager and my coworkers understand that I’m still a student, so they know that I have to take care of my studies for school so my grades don’t fall.

Reflecting on your experiences so far, what advice would you give to other high school students considering taking on part-time work?

Monica Perez: I will encourage students to work part-time because it teaches you responsibility and helps you learn a lot of things from your job, so next time you want to work a different job, you will know the base of that job and what to do in that job.


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Nicole Magno, Staff
Nicole Magno is a junior at La Sierra High School and is a staff member for The Sunrise Yearbook. Outside of journalism, she is in Key Club with her friends. Outside of school, she goes to the YMCA to help kids with their homework and to help them learn their parents' addresses and phone numbers for when they're lost or need something from their parents. In her free time, she hangs out with friends or her family and loves listening to music.

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