Senior Milestones: Closing the Book on High School


Senior Harmony Cardenas prepares to walk in a lunch sports parade for those playing in Powderpuff, an end of the year flag football game where girls play flag football, while boys cheer them on.

Abbigail Ruzicka, Editor-in-Chief

Events such as getting caps and gowns, Senior Checkout Day, and taking graduation photos all contribute to the, “Wow, we made it,” feeling that many students are experiencing. For senior Ariana Fernandez, the most memorable moment for them this year has been the A-G luncheon.

“A memorable moment would probably have to be the A-G luncheon because I was able to get a medal for something I worked hard for,” Fernandez said.

Each person has their own way of closing the year off. Whether it be with friends, family, or teachers and staff, each student had their own way of creating and experiencing their last high school memories.

“The event that made me realize that, ‘this is it,’ would probably be Senior Sunset because it really felt like a closure, and it was really fun to be with my friends,” said senior Esmer Lagunas.

For some seniors, the graduation ceremony was the most anticipated event of the year. After four years of high school, it all comes down to a single ceremony, where every senior will got the chance to walk across the stage and get their diploma. The event that occurred on May 25th, was the last time that the Class of 2022 will all be together.

“It’s bittersweet! I’m excited to finally be done with my childhood education and this chapter of my life. I feel like I worked so hard these past thirteen years and graduation is some sort of break and breath of fresh air,“ said senior Melissa Rios. She continues, “It’s crazy to look back on these past four years and see how much I’ve grown and what I’ve done. Overall, I’m ready to graduate and move on with my life,” Rios concluded.

For some students like senior Harmony Cardenas, prom was the most exciting. A night full of food, dancing for seniors and juniors, everyone dressed their best, and the crowning of the King and Queen requires months of preparation. For many, it was a night full of glamour, and one to remember, held at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library.

“The most memorable part was being with my friends, and our time together, just getting to be there, and of course, my dress,” said senior Harmony Cardenas.

These events signify the ending of a chapter for each student. As they move on from high school, events like Prom Night or Grad Night close the final years of their lives.

“I am happy to finally graduate! I enjoyed all the senior activities that we had, and I’m looking forward to some more before I graduate. I’m ready to start a new chapter,” said senior Ariana Castro.