Boys Volleyball: The Last Spike


Before the boy’s volleyball team returns to the court, they gather around and say their chant, “Fight on me, fight on three, one, two, three, fight!”

Julian Jay Reyes, Staff

This year, boy’s volleyball was coached by Rosanna G. Baltazar, Matthew Lewis, and Leo Alala. Their senior night was on April 18 against Arlington High School. They won with a score of 3-1 that night and honored eight seniors playing on the team. These seniors were Luis Hernandez, Mark Nicholas Mata, Alberto Salazar, Martin Serrano, Adrian Rivera, Jesus Rodriguez,  Navneet Sharma, and Wesley Morales.

The seniors set their mind on certain things for their final game. Four-year player, Wesley Morales, wanted this night to be a special one for himself as well as all the seniors on the team. 

“My thought during senior night is that how every one of us seniors has come a long way and grown with each other and we were going to make that night special for us,” said senior Wesley Morales.

For three-year player senior Luis Hernandez, he set his mind to winning the game for their senior night. 

“During my senior night ceremony, my only thought was to destroy the other team at all costs and try my hardest no matter what. If a ball was about to hit the floor, I better go down with that ball until I have bruises all over my body just because I tried that hard,” said senior Luis Hernandez.

This team has played together throughout all of high school and all of them are now going their separate ways. They have made many memories as a team on the court and off the court.

Three-year player, Mark Nicolas Mata, had his favorite memory off the court with the team at a fast food chain after a game.

“The best memory I have with the team is when after a tournament, we all went to In-N-Out. And Adrian ate the whole burger in three bites, it was just a crazy go-to.” 

Another memory Luis Hernandez shared happened on the court during a game against Ramona High school. 

“One of my best memories while playing volleyball was during a game against Ramona. My teammate, Joseph, shanked the ball, causing it to go inside of the hoop and it was just one of the best shots of all time cause it was so unintentional, but it went in,” Hernandez added.

With seniors leaving their junior teammates, the underclassmen step up to the plate and play their role. Three-year player, junior Abel Rivera, shares how he feels about the seniors leaving and reminisces the time he spent playing with his older brother, Adrian Rivera. 

“I feel pretty sad you know, I won’t be able to see them again unless they come back to see what’s up, but it’s like moving on to a different time period. This is the last time I’ll play with my brother, and it makes me feel sad, but we just got to move on,” said junior Abel Rivera.

With the team making it to the first round of CIF against Sunny Hills high school, before the seniors go their separate ways and the juniors come up to the stand, four-year player, captain Adrian Rivera shares a message to the upcoming seniors. 

“One thing I would say to upcoming seniors is next year, really just have fun because it will really be your last year, and hopefully by then you will be able to play your best as possible as it will be really your last playing high school competitively,” said senior Adrian Rivera.