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Interview with Rachel Robbins

Today I interviewed a teacher here at La Sierra and got some insight into her life and personality. The teacher I interviewed was Rachel Robbins, a math teacher who has taught math here at La Sierra for the last 2 years. Between going to school herself and grading her students’ papers I’m grateful she had the time for an interview. I started the interview by asking some questions about why she became a teacher.

 Why did you become a teacher?

Robbins: I think I became a teacher because my whole family was full of teachers so I feel like it was something I grew up with, being around a lot of teachers but I would say mainly because of my mom. That’s why I became a math teacher and a math major, my mom was a middle school math teacher so seeing her being in the field of teaching I think that’s why I became a math teacher.

Why did you want to teach at La Sierra?

Robbins: I don’t know, my husband grew up in Riverside and his siblings went here I know some people that live down the street, and my in-laws live here so I just heard good things about La Sierra. And it lived up to the hype it’s a great school a great community great kids great teachers and colleagues and staff so I really enjoy working here.

When did you start teaching?

Robbins: Two years ago in 2022. But I student-taught a little bit and I subbed a little bit but 2 years ago I started teaching.

Who was the most influential person in your life?

Robbins: I would say my mom I think she’s the reason why I became a math teacher she did not go to college right away because she had my sister so when she went back I was like 10 and she got her master’s and teaching credentials and she was working full time while she had 5 kids so seeing her work very hard as a kid that’s what made me love math and be a teacher, im striving to be like her one day.

What was your favorite subject in school?

Robbins: I would have to say math, I’ve always liked math, in junior high we were allowed to choose our own electives and I chose to tutor math to other sixth graders, I would say math is not something that always came easy to me I just always found it fun, second to that would be science or maybe English.

What are some of your hobbies?

Robbins: I think with me working clearing my credentials and going to school for a time I don’t have any hobbies I go to work then my classes then I go home and do my homework or I lesson plan and grade students so I don’t have any hobbies but I’m excited to see what my hobbies will be when I graduate in a year.

What are 3 things about you that would surprise students?

Robbins: I’m a pretty open book but it surprises students when I tell them how old I am. I’m only 25 so I think just my age or how young I am. When I tell students I’m still in school I feel like it surprises them that I’m not done with school and I feel like it’s always surprising for students to see what your like outside the classroom. I have a life outside of the classroom that I’m not just a teacher, I’m a teacher from the time I see you in school but outside I’m just a person.


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