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La Sierra High School seniors Jasmine Miller and Cynthia Reynolds pose with their certificates and gifted stoles.

Greatness Within: Celebrating Black Excellence

Yohanna Yonas, Editor-in-Chief May 29, 2024

  Greatness Within hosted an end-of-the-year celebration on May 15, 2024. The celebration included recognition for fifth graders promoting to middle school, eigth graders promoting to high...

Dress Codes: A Necessary Regulation or Hindrance to Student Expression?

Yohanna Yonas, Editor-in-Chief May 13, 2024

According to USA Today, about 93% of schools in the United States have dress code regulations. While some are more lenient than others, most restrictions include bans against short skirts/shorts, spaghetti...

La Sierra Highs Key Club is hosting a lovely spring grams event, with Leyna Le (11) and Joann Ardon (12) as the hosts, showing a pipe cleaner flower. Spring grams are a perfect way to brighten someones day with a kind note and pipe cleaner flowers that come along with it, featuring Tulips, sunflowers, and lilies. You can send these spring grams to your friends, teachers, or staff to spread some spring cheer for $3 each. So, make sure to grab yours and send some love and cheer this spring!

4/12/24  Written and Photographed by Nyomie Barcenas

Springtime Bliss

Nyomie Barcenas, Editor April 16, 2024


This painting done by a student depicts a scene of Dia de los Muertos.

3/19/24  Written and photographed by Nicolas Macias

Keep the Memories Alive

Nicolas Macias, Staff March 20, 2024

After a long day at practice, the La Sierra varsity cheer team relaxed after rehearsing together for upcoming events. Showing a bond thats grown for this year and more years to come.

1/29/24  Written and photographed by Amari Overton-Lewis

A Day After Practice

Amari Overton-Lewis, Staff February 2, 2024

Cheerleaders gather into their positions to celebrate the boys basketball seniors. Despite their loss to Hillcrest, boys basketball, dance and cheer enjoyed their senior night.

1/30/24  Written and photographed by Marilyn Palacios

Senior Night

Marilyn Palacios, Staff February 1, 2024

Students are seen making their way to their next class before the bell.

1/23/24  Written and photographed by Nicolas Macias

Get Out My Quad!

Nicolas Macias, Staff January 28, 2024

Lets Go Learns CEO and Co-founder Richard Capone (left) and Theresa Copple (right), smiling for photos.

Theresa Copple: the CEC’s 2024 Teacher of the Year

Yohanna Yonas, Editor-in-Chief January 27, 2024

(01/31/24  9:42 AM)  CORRECTION: In the initial article, we stated that Theresa Copple was one of three teachers in California to be awarded the 2024 Teacher of the Year Award when in fact she was...

Ms. Hernandez, Naomi Cardona Gonzalez (12) and Makai Collins (12) work individually on persuasive writing. Throughout the week, Ms Hernandezs students studied on the classical pattern of persuasion.

1/23/24  Written and photographed by Alexa Lamas

Solo Writing

Alexa Lamas, Editor January 25, 2024

As kids finish the prep for their muffins, the room is filled with an aroma of sweet smells.

1/17/24  Written and photographed by Jovanna Estillore

Muffin Prepping

Jovanna Estillore, Staff January 23, 2024

At lunch time, students are playing and trying to strive to be the best.

1/17/24  Written and photographed by Joel Gaytan

Volleyball Free Time

Joel Gaytan, Staff January 22, 2024

Early mornings can be cold and chilly while at other times the sun is out shining. At around 7:30 am, before school starts, students visit the Scholar Center to study or attend their zero periods.

1/10/24  Written and photographed by Ariel Davilan

Cool Mornings

Ariel Davila, Staff January 22, 2024

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