Cords and Stoles: Wearing Your Accomplishments


A blue gown with hanging cords and a stole is an example of how they looked and represented the accomplishments of senior students.

Alondra Martinez, Editor

In front of the 200s building on Monday, May 23rd, seniors received their cords and stoles. A few students such as Jada Arreola, Jose Zamora, Jessica Perez, and Alberto Saldivar have already received theirs. The cords and stoles can represent different things, such as membership in a club or organization, or academic achievement. They receive these cords around the last month of the school year so that they can wear them to graduation with their cap and gown. When wearing a cord and stole, it has to be school-issued, or from an official club and organization and non-school-issued cords and stoles may be worn after graduation.

“My stole is from a Health Academy class, National Honors Society, and then I think there’s one more for having the highest grade for Health Academy as well, I want to say”, said senior Jada Arreola. 

When getting their stoles, students also receive a cord, and these cords are another way to represent your achievements throughout high school. Students get these cords from either clubs or organizations and some students even get more than one.

“So I got my cord from the AVID program, National Honor Society, California Scholarship Federation, and that’s it,” said senior Jose Zamora.

Receiving cords or stoles does not always guarantee that you get them for free. Almost every senior that received one of these had to purchase them online or through the Activities office to pick them up at Senior Checkout. Although some cords and stoles need to be purchased, students still get them to represent what they worked for. 

“For a few of them, I had to purchase them on my own,” Zamora added. 

At the end of the day, students might question a cord and stole’s worth and value. For most, it can have sentimental value and it can carry a lot of meaning and emotion with it, and for some, it does not. Everyone has different reasons for how the cords and stoles are important to them and what they show when you are wearing them for your graduation day. 

  “I think that AVID represented my achievements throughout the seven years that I’ve been in AVID,” said senior Jessica Perez.