Baseball Senior Night ’23


On April 26, 2023, La Sierra held Baseball Senior Night: this season’s last baseball game and the final game for this year’s seniors. After their last show of teamwork on the field, the graduating seniors reflected on their time swinging bats and pitching on the field. 

Joel Murillo talks about a sentimental moment before the game. 

“[We] got to be with our parents and enjoy them embracing us and us embracing them.”

Adrian Gutierrez shares his highlight of the game as well. 

“Some guy tried to steal and I threw him out, so it was pretty good.”

After several years of playing baseball, Antonio Figueroa thinks over his experience on La Sierra’s team.

“It’s been fun. It’s got me to know how to get to work with other people to win the games.”

Gutierrez also recalls his time spent as La Sierra’s catcher.

 “For the three years that I’ve played here, it was really fun. The players were definitely fun to be around with, the coaches were good as well, especially this year. They really pushed us to our limits this year and we did our best.”

Based on his own experience, Murillo gives advice for future baseball players to “keep up on their work in school and to focus on the game, but most important[ly], to keep up on their work.”

Overall, Figueroa shares his view of the most important aspect of baseball. 

“Teamwork. It’s not an individual sport. Everybody has to be together to win.”