Boys Tennis Senior Night


Lay'ani Taylor , Editor

On April 20th, the boys Tennis team had their senior night at La Sierra High School against Norte Vista High School, where they won 16-2. I interviewed senior and team captain Lyell Rada about senior night and his role as the team captain. 

Lay’ani Taylor: What was it like playing as a senior on senior night?

Lyell Rada: Playing as a senior on senior night was very memorable because it is the last day for you as a senior to play high school tennis. 

Taylor: Was it emotional? 

Rada: Yes, it was very emotional because I’m also a team captain so I’m going to miss teaching my team and playing with them. 

Taylor: Did you enjoy your season?

Rada: Yes, I enjoyed my season because we had a lot of fun playing against other schools and with my teammates. 

Taylor: What was your fondest memory while playing this sport?

Rada: Fondest memory? I think it would be rallying with my team and practicing with them everyday.

Taylor: What is your interest in this sport?

Rada: My interest in this sport is that it challenges you mentally.

Taylor: How was the atmosphere while playing tennis?

Rada: It changes every time you play. Depending on how you enjoy the game. It sometimes gives a stressful atmosphere if you miss a lot of shots. But most of the time you’ll have fun playing this sport. 

Taylor: As a senior did you feel responsible for the younger players?

Rada: Yes, because you’re the one who is setting an image for them to follow in the future. 

Taylor: Do you plan on playing in the future? For college or for fun?

Rada: Yes, I’m planning to play for college in the future.